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May 16, 2018 2:26 am
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Most beginners struggle to find good stocks to buy. These difficulties depend on the traders knowledge.
Most beginners dont know how to search for stocks using stock screeners. They dont know the criteria for selecting
the best stocks in the market on that day. Even if they find by chance a stock they will never buy it at the beginning of
the trend because they dont see the whole trend yet. When the analysts speak about stocks it is generally at the end of the trend.
When beginners watch the news and comments of analysts, they think these stocks are good bargain because they have the proof.
The stocks have already good trends and are seen. so the moment beginners buy, the trend stops and change direction to down.
So it is better find the criteria for choosing a stock and not rely on analysts recommendations. Understand always that analysts
are paid huge salaries to tell what they have been paid for.
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