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November 9, 2018 4:54 am
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A lot of traders continue to trade for many months and years without success. They lose their money and they don’t even think why is that. The reasons for that it is not their strategies when to buy a stock really, but it is related to when they exit a trade either with a loss
or with a profit. Traders trade stocks without even having a plan to protect themselves from the downside. They buy and wait and wait until they blew their account and wipe it forever. I saw many traders lose huge amount of money. This can be avoided if they knew how to plan for a trade.
If you buy a stock and you don’t know when to exit if the market is against you, you are one of these losers.
If you make a plan before you buy a stock and you know exactly when to exit for a small loss, you are a winner even if you lose this small amount of money
because it is part of the game. For trade winners, try always to see whether the stock goes up again. If it goes up again try to buy it again,
it might be going up and the trend will continue. There are many techniques in training level 7 how to follow a trend that will help with some techniques
to know when the trend has finished and it is going down for true.
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