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February 22, 2018 6:00 pm
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Find out how to launch a podcast with Lewis Howes on the Tim Sykes show. Subscribe here to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques: https://goo.gl/poGZTm

1:00 I’m here with Lewis Howes, and I’m a big fan of his podcast.

1:30 This is my first podcast and Lewis is here to give us some tips for starting a podcast.

2:00 Tip number one for starting a podcast: make it different than any other podcast out there. Do something unique, create a storyline that people will want to come back to time and again.

3:00 Tip number two: be consistent with your podcast and stick to the schedule, so people know when to come back and listen.

3:45 Tip number three: unique content. Make sure that your guests are bringing value to your audience. Share something for free that you wouldn’t share on social media. Tease it on social media and get them to come over to listen to your podcast.

4:45 How do you get people to listen for more than ten minutes? You’re doing hour-long interviews, and people are listening to the whole podcast.

5:00 You have to tease what you’re going to be sharing throughout the podcast at the beginning of the show so people will stick around to get all of the information.

5:30 This is Lewis’ new book “The Mask of Masculinity.”

5:45 The number one lie men are told is that men can’t healthily express themselves.

6:30 The false sense of masculinity is not only harming men, but it’s also damaging women as well.

8:00 These are images from my past on the cover of my book.

8:20 The first key for men is to discover why we do what we do. You’re a great example, Tim. The material mask. You were probably making money to be able to spend and impress people. All the wrong reasons.

9:20 When you’re making a lot of money, and you’re spending like crazy, you reach a point where you realize that money will not make you happy.

9:30 When you make money, and you give it back, it takes life to a whole different level. It’s beautiful.

10:00 When I think about the happiest times in my life, they revolve around giving back.

10:45 You can have the beautiful watches and nice cars and still give back. But on your deathbed you’re not going to be caressing the watch, you’re going to be thinking about the impact you made on the world.

12:00 How have you been able to make more by giving more? Once you start to realize what money is in the world when you get out of your little bubble, and you start giving it to other people it pushes you to want to make more. It’s motivation, if I can make another $50,000 to build another school then I need to work harder to make more money.

14:00 Giving to and creating a charity is so much more rewarding than getting the next luxury car.

14:30 That why I love podcasting and interviewing people. We can gather knowledge and spread it to the world. That’s why I created The School of Greatness.

16:30 We built a few schools in Bali a few weeks ago, and we brought female social media influencers with us to boost the exposure of the charities. Showcasing these charities drives people to give to them.

18:30 What is the number one limiting belief that people tell themselves about money? Money is a taboo topic. People don’t talk about it and therefore are unable to attract more into their lives.

20:08 It’s not about right or wrong, you have to put that thought behind you. Everything is a mindset, and you can change your mindset and open so many new opportunities.

20:40 What is the number one key you give to people to remind them to stay open-minded. They have a vision rather than a fixed mindset. Their vision drove them to look at the bigger picture and seek knowledge and information.

22:00 Adversity is something we all face. The greatest leaders in the world learn to become their own “Batman.” They use their fears to grow. They go down into the cave and learn how to become the bat even though that’s their biggest fear.

22:30 Use your adversity to grow, use the chip on your shoulder to learn. If you face a bump in the road, don’t give up. Use it as a lesson and grow from it.